Quick Project

My sister received a Sony e-reader for Christmas and needed a little case to protect it in her purse, so I suggested we could make one on short order while she was in town. She chose this great colourful thrifted table napkin for the main fabric and some cute flannel watermelon fabric for the lining, both from my stash. I "padded" it with just a piece of plain flannel because we didn't want it to be too thick. I sewed the layers together around all the edges, pillowcase style, leaving an opening to turn it right side out. A bit of pressing, a little top-stitching, and sewing the sides together and we're almost done! The elastic for the button was sewn into the seam, and my sister got to sew on the button!

This little project was a great ego booster for me. Sometimes I get so caught up in making things that I forget how much I know and how much my skills have developed...until I do something like this for someone else. My sister commented on how fast and easy it looked as I was working, and noted gratefully that if she were making it by herself it wouldn't have been so easy or quick. Thanks Karen!


  1. It's super cute, and I love that you just pulled it together on the fly for your sister! That's talent!

  2. it is really pretty, i love the material and so neat it was a napkin in a past life.
    nice work, you should be proud!!

  3. thank you all for your kind comments!

  4. That's so perfect and colorful and cheerful! Just right for a winter project! :)


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