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There are moments when I'm so glad I'm not a hockey mom. I don't have anything against hockey, but if given the choice between sitting in an ice cold arena or crafting at home with my kids, the choice is an easy one! I know how I'd rather spend my time.

So on that note, here are a few things that daughter S has created lately, with just a little guidance from me:

A purse/bag for a friend for Christmas made out of old jeans and other scraps. She designed the bag and the tree design. This applique held some "learning experiences" before she agreed to try fusing the pieces first rather than just pinning.

After the above purse project, this leafless tree applique (also her own design) went really smoothly. She's already learning to modify patterns, as this one was originally for a zippered hoodie. The applique was fused first with Steam-a-Seam, and then machine blanket stitched around the edges.


  1. That's some impressive stuff! Kudos to her for being so crafty, and to you, for encouraging it. >.>

  2. I love it! She has a great eye for design!

    And I agree, this is much better than hockey for sure!! :D

  3. Ohhh...being a seamstress mom is so much "productive" than being a hockey mom. Imagine all the cool stuff she'll make for you and all the money she'll save in making presents for her friends!! How awesome that she can sew!! Very cool! Cooler than hockey for sure....even if you are from Canada!

  4. Thanks CinderLisa, Parkside Harmony and ecokaren! It won't be long before she surpasses me in her skills. I think she's already surpassed me in ingenuity!

  5. Well, the acorn has indeed fallen close to the tree! Very nice.


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