Just for Fun

Just for fun.....I knit up loads of mini Christmas stockings over the holidays. They were such an easy project to pick up for a few minutes or take along in my bag.

Just for fun....I knit one in Dr. Seuss's Cat in the Hat colours for each of the girls.

Just for fun....I've started making the stockings in longer lengths.

Just for fun....we tried one on my daughter's little wooden man. Well that ended up in a special request from dd S, and here it is, just for fun, keeping those wooden feet warm:

What are you doing for fun today?


  1. HA! Those are great! Wonder if they'd work for my girls Barbies?!

  2. Fun!! Those are so cute! I also love the delicate scarf on the little man!

  3. Sometimes it's worth doing something just for the smiles it creates! Roundabout--this wooden man is about as tall as a Barbie! Monica--my daughter made the chain scarf from little wire trimmings after we took a wire wrapped ring class together. Just doodling with wire!

  4. So cute!! Can you do them in a 6-1/2? :)

  5. Well Cindy, I might be a little back ordered for that size!

  6. lol!

    That's hysterical! Wow. great job! ; )

  7. Thanks Monika! I'm glad it gave you a smile!


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