Tuesday, January 4

A few gifts

Now that Christmas has passed, I can show pics of a couple of gifts recently given. I absolutely love the covers of this book, and it was hard to give it away. I made this journal for my 20 year old nephew--I hope he will find a use for a blank book. His favourite colour is orange.

You can't read the title of the book very well here--it is "The Snake Gets All the Lines," embossed on the lime green covers in orange ink. Not bad for 1960, eh? And isn't that a fabulous title for a journal?

This next one was made for a new baby. I was hesitant to give it, since I don't know the parents real well. I shouldn't have worried though--they were instantly pleased, and knew it would be used to write letters to their growing son.

It was made from a book of Paddington Bear stories, perfect for a little one.


  1. I LOVE both of those! I have a soft spot in my heart for Paddington. Excellent gifts!

  2. Ooh, lucky people, to receive such wonderful presents! I love them both. "The Snake Gets All the Lines" is a cool title for a journal - I hope your nephew really appreciated all your hard work.
    The Paddington book cover is so sweet for a new baby gift. I have to make a book for a new baby boy - I was going to make a scrap book... maybe I will make a journal instead. His parents would probably like to use it for him. Thanks for the excellent idea!


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