Weekend Worktable

It's a beautiful weekend here in Manitoba--perfect to celebrate all that we are thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers and friends!

In between the cleaning, laundry, garden clean up and turkey dinner, I hope to iron all this flannel for the backing of my daughter's quilt. We've decided to add a few pieces of the fabric used in the quilt top to the backing, so a little more stitching and then it will done! (Well, at least ready to go to the machine quilter....)


  1. hey Laura - How do you & your quilting groups usually quilt your quilts? Have you ever quilted the whole thing together using your small, regular sewing machine? Or do you always outsource?

  2. Erin, it's a real mix. Some totally hand quilt all their quilts, some do their own machine quilting on regular machines. One person in our group just bought her own long arm machine, so we'll see what she does with that.

    I've done twin size quilts for each of the girls on my machine myself. I'm outsourcing this one to get it done quickly and beautifully.

  3. awesome. I'm always fighting the puckering on my little machine . . . would you try a queen sized on your machine or is that just asking for trouble? (I've been making quilts since I was 11 . . . .but now just realize that I know NOTHING about it and am trying to start fresh).

  4. I probably wouldn't do a queen size, just because there would be so much fabric to roll up to get in the arm, and much harder to manipulate, unless I was just sewing in straight rows, back and forth--I'd probably do that myself.

  5. Good good. Thanks for the help. BTW - flannel backing??? I have a quilt with flannel backing and it is the most divine thing ever . . . mmmmmmmm. That's a really pretty colour, too. Did S pick it?

  6. Yes it is flannel, nice and cozy! It's the fabric that I was originally only charged for 1m! S chose the colour beforehand, but didn't come with me shopping.


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