Captain of the Ship

When daughter 2 fancied she'd be a ghost pirate girl for Halloween, it didn't take long for costume ideas to come sailing in. We be likin' thrift shops and sewin' machines for keepin' us from walking the plank. Our finds included black satin pants, way too big in the waist and length, brand new white shirt with long collar points, and a black vest. The stitching included taking in the waist and shortening the hem of the pants, adding a few rows of ruffles to the shirt, and adding gold trim and flashy buttons to the vest.

Pirate C wore the results to school today, topped off with her captain's hat and black boots, and all her mateys be eyein' her with pleasure!


  1. What?! No picture of pirate ready to set sail?!

  2. I do have a pic, but the pirate said she'd make me walk the plank if I posted it on my blog!


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