Another Sneak Peek

I picked up my daughter's quilt from the machine quilter's this afternoon, and all I can say is that it is AMAZING! Laila did a fantastic job, and here's a teeny sneak peek:

Now, according to S, I have to "speed bind" it so she can use it pronto! Well, it won't be done tonight honey, but it is number one on my priority list!

Thanks to all of you who expressed concern and sent kind wishes for a speedy recovery after my last post. I've set the crutches aside this weekend and am hobbling around a little easier. Since it's my right foot, I haven't driven yet, but hopefully soon (thanks Mr. Prairie for being my gracious chauffeur!).


  1. I guess we have to wait for the "non-speedy" binding to go on before we get to see the whole thing... Sigh.
    The variegated thread really works, doesn't it? Kudos to Laila, and you!


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