Quilt Group Finishes

As promised, here are some of the finishes that members of my quilting group managed over the summer.... Above is a quilt by Heather. She made an extra block from our monthly challenges over the past year, using polka dot fabrics. So vibrant!

Bonnie made 2 rag quilts. The purple and blue one is huge, and for her teenage daughter. The one below is to welcome a new baby into the family. It has yet to be snipped and fluffed up in the wash.

Kathy made this beautiful applique quilt. I can't imagine doing such fine and delicate work!

Stephanie pieced her challenge pieces from the previous year together. Guess whose block is in the centre? ;-)

Brenda completed a few mini quilts. I love the hand dyed fabrics all together set off with the black and white border, and I think I can see making a spiderweb quilt in the future myself...


  1. great quilts, and thanks for remembering your camera! I'm sending folks over here to see them.

  2. I am officially freaked out that you purchased one of my bags. Have I mentioned that I don't measure???!!

    (ok, so I'm really honoured. Just don't look too closely, ok? :)

  3. I love that applique quilt! Thank you for sharing all of these. They're very inspirational!

  4. Well you ladies are sewing up a storm!! Lovely work.


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