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Introducing new little star books for my Etsy shop! These wonderful miniature books are made with almost entirely recycled materials, combining all my favourite things: maps, books and buttons! Gotta love that. I've had lots of fun creating these miniature books, and I hope you'll like them too!

They can be displayed open or closed, or halfway in between, and never fail to bring a smile to someone special. Click here to see more.

And here's a glimpse into a recent custom order for some matchbook notepads. These will be paired with cupcake crayons to delight some special children at a wedding celebration. What a thoughtful idea!


  1. I like the books that open in such a 3D way and become a completely different art object.
    I think these star books are so sweet and admire that you always find new ways of being creative with your books!

  2. I love both things! Lovely lovely and so much fun. Good work!

  3. These books are so cute. I have made some great star books but so far mostly in samples to try out the stitching and construction and havn't got around to making the real thing. You have just inspired me to do it.


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