New Travel Journals

I've been working on trying to keep my Etsy shop well stocked with more of my best selling travel journals. I'm continuing to focus on making ecofriendly products by recycling as much of the materials as possible. For these journals, I reuse bookboard from discarded books. The maps on the covers are usually from vintage discarded atlases, and for the pages, I've been using obsolete computer printer paper with tractor feed perforations along the edges.

Here are the newest ones in the shop:

This one I made for a custom order, where the buyer wanted a map of Italy on the front, and France on the back:

And lastly, this one I sent off as part of the Bookbinding Etsy Street Team's most recent book swap. When I found out I'd be sending my book to Rhonda of MyHandboundBooks in Nova Scotia, I decided to make a travel journal featuring the Canadian maritime provinces.

What location would you choose to have on a journal? I usually page through my atlases for something to catch my eye, but your suggestions would be most welcome!


  1. I love your custom made one - France on the back makes for a really nice colourful cover!

  2. I think one of California would be great - it's my daughters dream vacation destination!

  3. these are gorgeous, and would be the perfect touch to any traveler's journey!!! and i love it that you take the time to repurpose materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill!!! hope you have a great weekend!! xox, :))


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