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The Bookbinding Etsy Street Team (BEST) holds a book swap every 3 months or so, and one was just completed, with the theme of Recycled. It was wonderful to see how each participant used recycled materials to make so many awesome books. To see all the books, click here to go to the BEST blog posts about all the books.

I received this great book from Meredeth, of Notuboc. I had to laugh at the covers, finding it hard to believe a candy could be called Boston Baked Beans! Meredeth did a lovely longstitch binding, and it feels really solid in my hand. I really like it!

Here is Meredeth's description of the book:
there are two things that i never have a shortage of in my house: paper and candy boxes, so i thought i might as well combine them. the cover is all that remains of my first taste of Boston Baked Beans, and the guts are papers that almost didn't make it; they'd been sitting in my pile to be cut up and made into other, newer paper. for the binding, i decided to keep things simple and did an easy longstitich variation in bright red cotton pearle. i hope the new owner has fun scribbling all over these almost ex-pages. especially that one labeled "Graduation To Do Checklist." (^_^) --Notuboc


  1. love the bright red colour! and what a hilarious candy

  2. I love the pages, so diverse and fun! The whole book looks very friendly and inviting :) I'm glad you received such a special book!


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