I'm thankful for summer vacation time to relax, unwind, and let all my cares drift away for a little while. I hope you too are enjoying good weather and time with loved ones.

photo taken from my backyard while enjoying a supper barbecue with friends recently


  1. I adore this photo! I have a 'thing' for hot air balloons. Aren't they fantastically beautiful? I definitely forgot about how bad I want to go for a float in one until you posted this. Peace for the rest of your vacay!

  2. it sounds like you're having a great summer! enjoy this special time with your sweet family!!! xox, :))

  3. Erin, I'd love to be up in one too! I also think I'd be so rubber legged I'd probably be sitting the whole time!

    Thanks Lori! It's been nice not to be traveling too much,and have more time for R&R.


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