Quilt Progress

In these lazy days of summer vacation, I've been stitching a little here and there on my daughter's quilt. Here is an update on my progress:

I think I'm about halfway with sewing the blocks together. Labeling each block was well worth the extra time it took! It's been stress free as I piece without worrying about orientation or placement of each block.


  1. looking good! what size is it going to be?

  2. Thanks Ashley!

    Brenda, it'll be for a twin bed.

  3. Laura - do you ever just want to stay up all night and finish it and not eat or sleep for like 3 days until it's done!? Or can you pace yourself for the sake of quality product?

  4. Erin, yes, sometimes I want to stay up all night, but I'd be such a wreck the next day so I usually quit by midnight. I hate it when I get that energy burst at 11:00 at night!


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