The Purple Zone

I'm still working on the purple quilt, so nothing new to show with that yet. The kids are getting ready to return to school next week, and with my return to work today, I haven't had much creative time to myself. I've been helping my eldest with a few more things in the teenage room makeover.

We recovered her bulletin board (actually a ceiling tile in its former life) with the same fabric as her new curtains. She can put on her resume that she is proficient with a staple gun--watch out now!

And I helped her frame a piece of her artwork from art class. The chair in the picture is actually a wire sculpture on matt board, and she did a wonderful job with it! She loves the chalkboard painted wall, and it changes daily. I think the last thing she wants is a set of string lights--does anyone have any ideas where to shop for these? Her medusa lamp doesn't give quite enough light in such a dark room.


  1. looks great. wish my room reno was as exciting! have you tried Robinson lighting or that place on William Ave?

  2. We've looked at Superlite, and someone suggested Michaels, so we'll try there. Her back up plan is to hang a string of Christmas lights up.

  3. how about the rope lights people put on their decks?
    or dollarama should have lots of twinklies soon for christmas! and costco christmas stuff should be showing up real soon
    maybe jysk?

  4. We checked at Jysk with no luck. I've suggested rope lights to her, and yes, we're waiting for the Christmas stock to come out. (I can't believe I said that! I'm always shocked when Christmas stock comes out in fall!)


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