Once There was a Shirt

Once there was a beautiful red shirt. 
It was worn by a very special child,
sent to her by her grandmother in China.
She wore it every chance she could.
It was so pretty with her long black hair.
She wore it so often, some of the fasteners fell off.
And the seams began to fray.
And soon it was too small.
Her mother gave it to a second hand shop,
hoping another child could wear it again.

Another child with dark brown hair
and big brown eyes
wore it to play dress-up.
Until it was too small.
And the seams were a little more frayed.

The red fabric with cherry blossoms
was so pretty.
It was hard to throw away.
So her mother took the shirt apart, 
and gave it new life:

in a journal
with a new toggle fastener,

and some pretty reusable gift bags.


  1. That's so gorgeous! The black toggle closure is perfect and the fabric is amazing for those bags. I love that something so loved can be loved again. :)

  2. Be still my heart! That has to be the most beautiful journal I've ever seen, and believe me I've looked at plenty (and even made some).

    I love how you incorporated the pocket and the toggle closure (swoon).

    Thank you so much for sharing,


  3. That is beautiful. The journal and the story, both. Well done!

  4. That journal and the bags are GORGEOUS! That shirt was a great find, wish I could find stuff like that in our second hand/thrift store.

  5. What a gorgeous journal :) Makes me think about some lovely clothes I had and wished I would have saved them to give them a second chance! Great story, and one to be continued...

  6. Thanks everyone for your kind comments!


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