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I'm participating in another book swap with the Bookbinding Etsy Street Team. This is a great group of fellow bookbinders who are so willing to share ideas and offer help when you're in a bind (pun intended). Cindy, from Useful Books, has been doing a fabulous job of posting pictures of each book on the team blog, so you can click here to see all the posts. We had an amazing 21 participants this time around!

I just received my wonderful book in the mail yesterday, from Lisa of CinderLisaDesign. Here is her description of the book:  
"I've been calling this book Flashdance in my head. This was really an excuse for me to play with my new sewing machine! I took two pieces of felted wool, and then laid double strips of embroidery floss down in a somewhat wavy pattern. I then proceeded to use different color threads to machine quilt the pieces of wool together, over the embroidery thread design to hold it in place, which also makes the cover a little more substantial. The result distorted my waves a bit, but turned it into its own pattern, which is a lot of fun. It reminds me of beams of light breaking apart. It is finished off with a simple button closure."

 I love everything about this book, from the texture of the felt and the floss, the rainbow of colours (you should see the papers inside!), to the stitching and button on the cover. Thanks so much Lisa!

And here's the book I sent out to Kristin Crane:

 The fabric is a batik that my dear husband brought back from Burkina Faso, Africa. On the selvage of the fabric it says "Guaranteed Super Real Wax"--I'm not sure what the other options are, maybe imaginary? this book is filled with handmade paper from a local Winnipeg paper company called Botanical Paperworks and bound with cotton embroidery floss in a longstitch binding.

I have more of these little fabric covered books available for sale in my Etsy shop here.


  1. your book from lisa is wonderful....i love the way those colors of floss pop off of the black fabric!!! and how gorgeous is the book you made...?!!! you are so sweet to offer such special fabric (i love the story of the wax!) and that handmade paper inside looks absolutely delicious!!! i know that kristen will love it!! xox, :))


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