Hand Lettered Canvas Bag

Shortly before I attended the Calligraphy on Fabric Workshop, I came across this fabulous hand lettered canvas bag in Martha Lever's Etsy shop. Of course I bought it so I could be continuously inspired by such happy letters! It didn't arrive in time to show off at the workshop, so I thought I would share it here.

 Martha is a wonderful artist and very talented calligrapher from Florida, with an inspiring blog. Do go visit her there (on her blog)! Wouldn't lettering like this also be great on a journal cover?

Thanks so much for always inspiring, Martha!


  1. Oh I love Martha! And she's such a nice person in the bloggy world.. definitely someone to connect with :)

  2. congratulations, you lucky gal, on grabbing this fabulous bag!!! it's a treasure for sure......and i can say having known martha for almost twenty years, that SHE is the true treasure!!!! sweet inspiration and magnificent talent all over the place!!! enjoy your new bag!! xox, ;))


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