Farewell Gift

I can't show you the front view, but this is a journal I just made as a farewell gift for a colleague. Janelle is leaving our wonderful city of Winnipeg to move back to Australia (can you believe it?)! I wanted to make a small gift for her to remember her years working with us. While she did request "no gifts", I hope she will forgive this small indiscretion when she receives it tomorrow.

On the front cover, I used a map of the neighborhood where our workplace is located, and on the back, a map of Australia, with her destination of Brisbane. The text block is filled with all the papers we use everyday at work, including forms for tracking our time, equipment ordering forms, educational sheets, etc. I'm sure she won't want to forget any of these!

And on another note, here is the first spring crocus in my garden to bloom, found just today!


  1. your sweet crocus is beautiful....as is this journal that you've lovingly created for your friend! she will be thinking of you often as she starts her new life in australia!!! xox, ;))

  2. What a great gift!! I'm sure she'll love it!
    I live 60 miles south of you so therefore it should be warmer right? But we don't have any flowers yet :(

  3. what a splendid and thoughtful present!


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