Fabric Journals

After teaching my friend Heather how to make fabric journals, our kids wanted to give it a try as well. Of course the moms had to sew the covers first, although my daughter, C, had a hand in decorating the fabric for hers. She chose this great black and white sneaker print from my stash, and coloured in parts of the shoes with fabric markers. She painted a rainbow on the inside fabric with fabric paints. She was very patient, as she is with most of her artistic endeavors, and had no problems painting a second piece of fabric after the first one bombed. I've done a fair bit of fabric painting, and always just stretch the fabric/garment over a piece of cardboard, tape it in place and paint away. Well this time the paint fused or glued the fabric to the cardboard and it wouldn't come loose! When it finally did peel away, all her markings delineating the rainbow colours transferred through to her fabric. So the second trial was taped over a piece of Coroplast instead, where there would be no chance of sticking. C used glow in the dark thread for her book, but I just couldn't capture that in a photograph!

Here are the girls with their finished books:

Preparing to make these books with the girls motivated me to make more fabric covered books that I will list in my shop. Here's a sneak peek at what I've been up to:

Haven't had time to edit the photos and list them yet but they'll be coming soon! Working on these new books also resulted in a custom order in plum/purple colours to be used as a guest book. I'll post pics of that one soon!


  1. Those are fun journals. I saw two of them in person yesterday. I also like your blog redesign.

  2. What lovely girls... no bias here! Thanks again for the time and teaching. You are so patient. Missed you Sunday, btw.

  3. Great journals! I was wondering where I could get some of that sneaker fabric? It is the absolute greatest and I would love to buy some if I could find it.
    Thanks a bunch!


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