Never Hit a Porcupine

Just finished a custom order for a sweet little rebound journal to be used as a gift from a grandma-to-be to the mom-to-be for journaling/writing to the new babe. It has such a delightful illustration on the cover. The story of this once loved children's book was that Fletcher Fox wanted to go out into the world to seek his fortune. Before he went off, his father gave him valuable advice on how to outfox other creatures, including "never tease a bee", "never wrestle a bear", and "never hit a porcupine".

What is the best parental advice you have either given or received?


  1. what a sweet little journal! and such a treasure for any grandmother to someday give to her goodness, i would have loved something like that from my grandmother! gorgeous, laura!! p.s. my dad's advice to me was always to "watch my p's & q's"! :))

  2. It's a bit "cheesy" but I like the giving your children roots and wings idea. Finding the middle ground between their safety, or parental influence, and their need to experience life is ever an exciting place!

    This book is going to be a wonderful gift for the new Mama. Nice work!

  3. That's awesome! I think the best advice I got as a young mom was to not be afraid to set clear boundaries for my three exuberant little boys! Children are to be a joy to their parents, but it's up to the parents to set the parameters to make that possible.


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