A Short History of Spectacles

I never imagined while I was growing up that some things so common place as eyeglasses would be of interest some day to my children. My youngest has just received her second pair of reading glasses and that led us to this short review of my glasses. I can't believe I still had all these pairs hidden away so many years in my souvenir box!

My first pair--I believe I was about 4 years old when I came home with these cat-eyes!

Progressing to a more "mature" look:

Next it had to be wire frames! This was as close to John Lennon style frames that I ever got:

Who remembers the arms on the bottom of the frames? My what big eyes!

Followed closely by moving them back to the top:

That barely takes me to my adult years, at which time I stopped wearing glasses when I discovered I could see better without them! (I had a lazy eye.)  And then the history begins again after a few years of eye strain in university, but we won't go there today....

Which brings me back to the beginning of this story. This week, my 10 year old daughter, C, was eager to give up these cute purple frames:

 For these more "stylish" grown up frames:

Oh the excitement of the new look! Will she some day share these with her children?


  1. fabulous eye wardrobe, laura!!! i had a pair of cat-eyes when i was a kid.....they had silver glitter embedded in the frames! yikes!!!! but, they were really hip at the time (yikes, again!). i love your daughter's new glasses......tres chic, and very grown-up! :))

  2. I can't believe you still have all of those, Laura! And I remember that 1st pair as a whole lot more cat eye shaped than they look now (and cat eyes are back -- we saw a whole wack of them when we looked at glasses last month).

  3. Thanks Lori! My yellow cat-eyes have glitter embedded in the top of the frames too! They must be very similar to yours!

    Karen, I can't believe they're back, I've seen recent photos online, but always thought the people were wearing vintage pairs! And my cat-eyes are higher on the sides than they look in that upside down photo (just look back at some of those old photos....).


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