Quilt Retreat

I spent a wonderful weekend with friends and new acquaintances at a Quilting Retreat out of the city. It was a weekend of cutting, stitching, inspiration, learning and sharing. It was great to see what others were creating and pick up tips and techniques. And so many ideas! Will there ever be enough time to make all the things I want to make?

Here is what I spent my weekend on:


I made a lot of progress with cutting all these squares and starting to stitch them together. It's a very colourful version of the traditional Irish Chain pattern (my pattern is called Diamond Candy). I wonder when I will have another uninterrupted block of time to work?


  1. That is an awesome pattern. How big are the tiny individual squares? Oh and don't the colours just make you want to run and jump underneath this and get all cozy?

  2. let's go again next weekend! the quilt looks great up close and in the pix too!

  3. i like your choice of fabric & colors.. gorgeous!

  4. Erin, the squares are 2-1/2 inches. I can picture it done already, but then I wake up...

    Brenda, it was so much fun, and I got a good start on this.

    Ashley, thanks! To me anything green is just right!


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