Books with Bags

I've been stitching a few books with fabric covers and matching bags. The bag keeps your journal safe and private. I like working with either linen or cotton fabrics. It's not hard to find lovely thrifted  fabrics--check out the clothing and housewares sections for loads of usable fabrics!

The first two I made were for gifts:

I used a linen/cotton skirt for this set.

Two linen place mats provided the fabric for this set.

But this new one is now available in my Etsy shop:

For this set I used a linen dress with a subtle floral print.


  1. Lovely work, Laura!

    I love the organic look and texture of linen. :)

  2. The book bag is a brilliant and beautiful idea! My poor journal is beaten and abused because I just throw it in my purse without any protection. I love your ideas and your work.

  3. Bev, Ashley, and Sarah thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments!


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