Snow Day!

Mr. Prairie and I decided today that if our youngest girl completed everything on her "to-do" list by mid-afternoon, we would both come outside with her to build a snowman. Now we could describe C as slow to do things, or we could say she is easily distracted, but sometimes I prefer to say she lives in every moment. Whatever she is doing, she is usually fully engrossed in it and doesn't always note the passage of time. So the motivation of having her parents stop doing all their "important" things on a Saturday, and reserve that time for her was all it took to get those jobs done on time!

We continue to have unseasonably warm weather here, with the temperatures hovering around the 0°C mark. Combine that with a huge snowfall overnight and today, we had tons of wet snow, perfect to build a snowman with! Plus, I really wanted to enjoy this warm winter day before the cold returns next week!


  1. Looks like you all had fun! It's nice to have those bits of downtime, isn't it? They can be hard to find sometimes!

  2. Thanks Hilke and Laurie! I was very glad with my choice for how to spend the afternoon!

  3. good for you! these are the days that all of you will fondly look back on in the future!


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