Recycled Notebooks

The week before Christmas saw the elves in my studio busy with some last minute stocking stuffers. Everything in these little notebooks is recycled, from the obvious packaging covers, to the pages from offcuts of previous projects, to the linen thread scraps to sew them together! It's so amazing when you look around you, how much material there is to reuse to make something new. I hope in 2010 that I will continue to make upcycling a priority in the things I create.


  1. such a wonderful collection, you're a smart reuser and upcycler! Here's to a green 2010. Happy New Year!

  2. What a cool idea! I love the frosted flakes book :o)

  3. Thanks Dymphie & Chloe! They are fun and actually quite easy to make. I tried to choose packaging for each person that had some kind of personal meaning or connection as well.


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