A Nest of Bunnies and A Collection of Curves

My quilting group met this week to share our bunny and curve blocks. With the curves, some people who needed an extra challenge added an extra piece to the curved block. I like the scrappy look of all these blocks together. Here are all the curved blocks made by the whole group:

Below are all the bunnies, arranged with the dark sides of the blocks all adjacent. This turns the bunnies in all directions and gives the quilt a "directionless" feature so there is no right side to view it from.


  1. thanks for posting pix of these. these blocks will be a bit of a challenge to put together yet -- but I like the overall direction.

  2. wow the bunnies are a bit of an optical illusion! neat.

  3. Brenda--I'm learning so much from each of these challenges. It's great to work on things together as a group.

    Ashley--I like how your perception changes just by the placement of lights and darks in a quilt like this.


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