Handmade for Christmas

One of the things I was busy with before Christmas was making t-shirt yarn. I bought a rainbow of tshirts at my local thrift shops, and using one of the numerous online tutorials, cut the shirts into a continous length 1/2" wide. After cutting the tshirts into strips, you give them a little stretch to roll the edges, and voila, you are ready to knit or crochet up a storm! Or maybe a hat or a rug or a bag? This rainbow batch was made with love for my niece J, who recently learned to crochet. The tshirts don't need to be in great shape, just no side seams. They can have a design or logo, but I found the real rubberized ones don't work as well. I plan on making some more for myself to use sometime--it's a great way to recycle!

Using some of the leftover bits, I also stitched up this batch of reusable fabric bags for her.

This was part of my family's Christmas gift exchange, where we pick names, and make or buy a gift for one person. All the kids, grandkids, and grandparents are included in the draw. It's always a surprise to see who picked your name, and there's always a lot of creativity abounding, whether the gift is handmade or not.

My niece J, also picked my name, so we did a little exchange this year! She is currently enrolled in an art program, and made this gorgeous print for me:

The picture was taken through a pin-hole camera that she made, and then she made a print of it. This is so cool. It's beautiful, and it's already found a place to hang in my dining room.


  1. very cool. have you tried crocheting or knitting with it? how big are the bags? how's your cutting arm?

  2. i am crazy over your t-shirt yarn.....now that's a GREAT idea!!! and you found such fabulous colors, too!! and speaking of fabulous.....it looks like artistic genius runs in your family! your niece did a beautiful job on that print!! hugs, :))

  3. cool! someone fwd'd me this little photoset on facebook on how to do the cutting on a serger (i can't remember if you have one?)

  4. Fabulous idea! Next time I go to a garage sale, I must look for some old shirts!

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments. I'm not sure about the genius Lori, but my family is one where creativity was always encouraged.

    I haven't tried working with any yet, but I think anything you make with it would be quite sturdy. The cutting is not too bad, but Ashley's link using the serger would be a great option if you are tired. It could also be a great way to use up the little bits like sleeves which would be tedious to cut.

    Roz, you'll have to send a link if you try it and make something!


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