Oh, the Anticipation!

Every year, the Calligraphers' Guild of Manitoba, of which I'm a member, has a wonderful tradition of the "Christmas Card Exchange". Everyone makes enough handmade cards to bring to the party and trade with everyone else. We share about the triumphs and misfortunes that happen in the creative process, and we end up taking home a wonderful selection of beautifully calligraphed cards. Is there a better way to spend a lovely evening than with artistic friends, exploring new creative ideas and, of course, delicious food? The party is this Friday, and I'm busy working my cards this week.

The pictures above and below show a selection of cards made by members of the guild in previous years.

And here's a sneak peek as to what I'm working on for this year's card.....


  1. wow thats such a good idea!! i bet you get some really beautiful cards!


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