Meet Tina from Chicki on Etsy

Today if you check out various blogs of TransCanada Etsy Team members, you will be able to meet several team members through a blogging round robin. I will be featuring the tremendously talented Tina, whose shops on Etsy are Chicki and Chickibeads.

Tina loves crafting and explores many mediums in her creativity. She makes beautiful polymer clay pendants

and beads

and buttons

But that’s not all! She has recently been experimenting with wire work and chainmaille.

Apart from jewelry, she also knits and takes inspiring photographs. She has featured some of her own photos in a desktop calendar here:

Be sure to check out her shops, you just might find that special gift you were searching for. You can also stop by Tina's blog, and peruse her musings. Also, if you click the link to her blog, you will be able to follow the blog links to each blog featuring a TransCanadaTeam member.


  1. i love those pendants that Chicki makes!

  2. wow! great shots of those awesome pendants & beads!
    great work!

  3. what fabulous jewelry!! at first glance, i thought it was glass....her work with polymer clay is terrific!! :))

  4. Thanks for this lovely blog feature!

  5. Lovely work Chicki! I love the shine you got on the pendant, in particular and the pic is excellent.


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