Christmas Card Exchange

What a lovely party it was! The annual Christmas Card Exchange with the Calligraphers' Guild of Manitoba is always my motivation for finishing my Christmas cards in a timely fashion.

My card this year is entirely recycled, with the cardstock coming from old file folders donated to a thrift shop, map scraps from my other projects, vintage vellum from a roll discarded at my father's workplace over 20 years ago (salvaged by my father for me way back then!), and thread from my mother-in-law's sewing basket, since she no longer sews. The lettering was done by hand, then scanned and manipulated in terms of size and layout. I printed multiple copies on 8-1/2 x 11 pieces of vellum on "draft", otherwise the ink bled too much, and then stitched the layers together on my trusty machine.

Here are some of the cards made by others:

Charlotte and Kathie had gorgeous calligraphy, colour, and fibre/beaded embellishments.

Edith tried her hand at a new script, and stencilled a beautiful ornament inside her card. A young visitor to the group, Anja made wonderful cards with rubber stamps, paint and collage.

Lorraine Douglas surprised us all with her visit from BC! Her card was a delightful watercolour print, with beautiful personalized envelopes. Nicole used an amazing photo and Sheila described her very cool process of altering photos with bleach. She also included a "mennonite fold note" with each card.

Vera lettered Merry Christmas in many languages while Vivian used a multi-lingual peace paper to highlight the significance of the Christ child.

Michelle used a funky Neuland script on the outside and an architectural script on the inside of her card. The paper folding on the front is so intricate!

So much inspiration for more cards and next year!


  1. wow! they're all lovely. how did you sew yours? free motion, or with the feed dogs up or some other way. I like the idea that you didn't bring any new paper in the world for your cards.


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