Today I am grateful for reaching another milestone for sales in my Etsy shop. It took almost a year and a half to reach 100 sales, and now in only 3 months since then, I've reached over 150 sales! Thank you to all the wonderful buyers who've stopped by my shop and made a purchase, and also a big thank you to all the great people on the Etsy teams I'm part of (TransCanada, Bookbinding, EcoEtsy, and Winnipeg) for the wonderful support you've provided along the way!


  1. Congratulations! Still waiting to pass that milestone but can imagine how great it mush feel!

  2. congratulations! and many more sales to you!

  3. congrats on reaching such a wonderful milestone, laura!! your work is absolutely fabulous, and you are so very deserving of this success, and SO much more!! :)))


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