Reading from a Rainbow

My youngest daughter, C, doesn't like to clean her room and often can't see the floor through all the clothes and books and toys. But when she comes up with an idea for organizing that isn't mandatory, she can be amazing. She recently organized my lazy susan cupboard full of plastic storage containers. And look what she did when she wanted to spruce up the bookshelf:

This is the kids' bookshelf, and I have no idea where she came up with the idea. I know there are lots of similar images online of organizing your books according to colour. But C is 10, and doesn't read blogs and surf the internet like her mother. All I can say is that it was an original idea for her. And her mom is proud of her....


  1. love the image of these color-coordinated books!!!! you should be very proud of her; maybe there's an artist lurking in that 10 year old soul!!

  2. it looks like she's as brilliant as her mother!! is this also the little artist who creates the edible books and fun jean skirts?!! i'm giving her two thumbs up all the way from florida!! hugs, :))


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