Marbling Workshop

Last weekend I had the good fortune of being able to attend another fun creative workshop! This time the workshop was how to marble on paper, taught by local bookbinder and marbler, Janet Carroll.

I have taken a marbling class before, but it seemed much more complicated then! (Plus we had only 1 marbling tray for over a dozen students, and we were working with paper AND fabric, so we didn't get much individual play time.) It is always a pleasure taking a workshop with Janet--her instructions are always clear, backed up by her demonstrations. And we had lots of time to play since we were divided up into pairs, with two people per marbling tray.

We were able to try lots of different techniques, and while my marbling is far from perfect, I think it's not bad for a beginner! And definitely something I want to do again! Now where can I find carrageenan?


  1. What a great variety of papers you came up with! Nice work :)

  2. very pretty! I love the blue and black one

  3. gorgeous! You can get carragean from Dharma and also at Pro Chem and Dye. They are both online:)


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