Challenge of the Month

My quilting group, the Strip Piecers, met this week for our monthly get together. Our challenge this past month was from AnneK, who asked us to make Jack in the Box blocks with blues and purples.

This month was definitely a challenge for me! My first block was my "learning experience", as I cut some of the pieces the wrong size and ended up with a slight variation in the design. I gave it to Anne anyway, and she can choose to use it or not.

My next two blocks worked out better with the proper measurements.

Here are all the blocks made by the whole group. It will be Anne's challenge to make that one particular block fit in with the rest!

I'm slowly building up my collection of blocks made with my fabric from last year's round robin. Each month I'm making a challenge block with the same pattern with my fabric, and maybe by the end of the year I'll have enough blocks for a full size quilt!


  1. these quilt blocks are gorgeous!! i've never seen this pattern's really beautiful! and congrats on your front page and etsy sale......woo hoo, girlfriend!! :))


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