Pipe Organ Binding

A little slow in posting this week, but here is what we made at Sunday's workshop: a book with a Pipe Organ Binding. This workshop was taught by Suzanne Cannon of Quietfire Design. If you haven't visited her site, check out the link. She sells loads of supplies for calligraphers, bookbinders, and other paper arts.

Here the signatures (groups of pages) are sewn onto cords which are later attached to the covers.

The stitches that make it resemble a pipe organ are sewn last, and are purely decorative.

I think this binding might be well suited for a book for a special occasion, like a guest book, and would look good with the pages in landscape format.

I didn't get any pics of the rest of the class's books, so you'll have to trust me that they were all very beautiful.


  1. what a beautiful binding! i love the way the cords are woven onto the front and back covers! thanks for sharing this.....i wasn't familiar with it at all! :)


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