Online Stencilry Class

I'm taking an online class in stenciling experimentation with Mary Ann from Dispatch from LA. I'm hoping to learn some new approaches to using stencils and use what I learn in my books and other creations.

Our first assignment was to make a portfolio to hold our future projects, playing around with found stencils and spray paints or spray inks. I'm not too keen on using spray paints, so I decided only to use the old spray paints hiding in my paint cupboard, and then whatever else I could find in my studio.

My portfolio is a mixed media work, with layers of collage, painting and stenciling. I used a brayer and sponges to apply acrylic paints. The stencils I used included greenhouse trays, lace scraps and doilies, some handcut originals, and some vintage letters. For picture of the entire portfolio, click here.


  1. is it 'cause of the chemicals that you don't generally use spray paints? I swear sometimes my lungs are bright blue and yellow from all the fumes and airborne paint. I'm a little addicted to them . . . but I've promised myself not to replace any of the chemical cleaning products under my sink once they are used up . . .

  2. Yes. If the safest way to use them is with a special filter mask, they're not so good for my lungs or the environment. I will seek other alternatives as much as possible.


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