Lazy Summer Days

The kids have been off school for just over a week and I too have switched to semi-vacation mode. That means more time doing family activities, more time in the garden, some time travelling and camping, less time in the studio, and way less time on the computer. I won't be updating my Etsy shop quite as often and you won't see me here as much, but I'll still post when I have something to share that I think might be of interest.

Thanks so much for visiting, and I hope you are enjoying the summer (or winter in other parts!) wherever you are!


  1. i know what you mean- except it's my hubby, not kids who's out of school! sometimes it's hard to work on your projects in the summer- but not so much lately, with all the rain!!!
    have a great summer!

  2. love the photo....who's cute blue/green toes are those?!! :) i'm glad you're enjoying your's definitely a time to be outdoors in the garden with your sweet family! have fun! :)

  3. glad that mine are all grown, I just have 4 grandkids though...they are a handful in themselves. I know now why we have them when we are younger...shew...

  4. good for you!! enjoy every minute of it!!


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