Book Swap

I'm participating in another book swap with the Bookbinding Team from Etsy. I just received this book today from Hilke in Germany, also known as B├╝chertiger on Flickr and Etsy. It has a leather cover (my daughter commented "I didn't know leather could be so smooooth") with 80 pages of drawing paper inside, bound and decorated with linen thread. Hilke notes "Never again dog-eared journal pages--roll up your art! Perfect to carry it with you in a bag."

It is perfect, and I'm thinking of using it as my notebook/sketchbook for when I attend book-related workshops just so I can show it off!

You can see all of the books in this swap here, the book I sent in is here, and check here for individual write-ups on each book.

Thanks to Rhonda of MyHandboundBooks for organizing the swap, and for the photos which were taken for the team blog!


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