New Rebound Journals

It's been a beautiful week, and I've been spending more time in my garden than in my studio. In the moments not spent in the garden, I made a few new rebound journals.

The books I use for my
Rebound Journals are damaged and unwanted, destined for the recycling bin. They have torn pages, writing on the pages, broken bindings with poor repairs or water damaged pages: books that have outlived their usefulness in one form. I like to take these books and give them new life as blank journals with fresh pages. The inside pages are usually salvaged papers too--printer's layout paper, printer's end rolls, and various recycled papers.

The Sounds of Home was a 1966 early school reader with such an attractive cover. This journal is a gift for someone special!

The Adventures of Ulysses” was written by Gerald Gottlieb and illustrated by Steele Savage (1959). Ulysses was a clever Greek, famous for his quick resourceful mind. This journal awaits another individual with a like mind, ready to conquer their world with pen and paper!

The New Friendly Village” was written by Mabel O’Donnell and illustrated by Florence and Margaret Hoopes (1948). The New Friendly Village was part of “The Alice and Jerry Basic Readers”, a reading program which ran about the same time as the Dick and Jane books, from about 1936 to 1966.


  1. what sweet adorable journals! i just love that you repurpose books - such a better 'life' for them

  2. hi laura! i love ALL of these new little treasures! and the fact that they've been rescued makes it all the better! have fun in your garden! :)


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