New Mini Journals

These little journals are the result of using up offcuts from previous projects of my own and paper I picked up at ArtsJunktion. From their website, "ArtsJunktion is a depot for collecting materials that are to be discarded by companies. The items that are donated might include bolts of fabric, paper ends, jars, buttons, foam core, framing materials, to name a few. These materials are sorted and made available for free to artists, teachers and students. The idea is that less waste ends up in landfills and teachers, artists and students have access to free materials to support their art projects." Isn't that a great idea?

I stopped there recently with my 9 year old, and we found fabric, paper offcuts, handmade paper, stencils, coloured adhesive paper, and yarn to use in our projects.

Using the paper offcuts, I designed these mini journals, perfect to take along when you don't have space for a full size journal. Dimensions are roughly 10 x 10 cm (or 4 x 4").


New York:

And this blue handmade paper from Botanical Paperworks in Winnipeg looked so much like blue suede, I had to include Elvis in the photo shoot. Which photo do you like better?


  1. i love the elvis photo!
    that's so cool about recycling those discarded materials- in edmonton we have a reuse centre that is similar.

  2. Hands down, I'm an Elvis fan.

  3. LOVE your new books, laura! and oh, how i would love to go to arts junktion with you...that sounds like a fabulous place!! have a great weekend! :)
    p.s. that elvis background is so clever of you!! love it!

  4. Love the Elvis shot :)
    The whole ArtsJunktion idea is fabulous! I wonder if we have something like that in this area...

  5. the cute little 4 x 4 size is calling my name and strumming my heart strings!!


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