Mother's Day

This being mother's day, I've been thinking about things I like to do with my kids (and hopefully they enjoy doing with me!). Today I had a wonderful day that included family activities of biking, eating together, and watching a movie.

It is also special to me when we get to do something together that we all love: being creative! I want to share with you some recent projects I helped my girls with.

S found a great book in the library called "everywear" by Ellen Warwick: written for teens and tweens it has loads of cool stuff to make from simple materials. I think we must have renewed it at least 6 times, as S kept wanting to make another item in the book, like this newspaper bag. It's made from newspaper and clear duct tape and S did an awesome job completing it.

C's project was also a bag, this time injecting new life and personality into a gift she received. We don't have cable TV in our house, and as a result, don't watch much TV. The kids have never been star struck, even with those celebrities marketed to the younger audience. This Hannah Montana bag was given to C from her auntie with the clear option that if C didn't care for the design, she could alter it in any way to suit herself.

She loved the shape and size of this messenger bag, but definitely wanted to change the flap. She chose a piece of black wool with white flecks from my stash, which I satin stitched around the edges to the flap. Then she got out her button collection and played around a bit. After making flowers and other designs, she eventually decided to spell out her name and I helped her sew on all the buttons (OK, I sewed them all on, but it was through several layers of fabric plus a plastic stiffener!).

I wanted to show the layout and colours of the buttons, but I'm careful not to disclose too much about my kids, including their names, on the internet. I did a little tweeking of the photo in Photoshop, so you can use your imagination as to what your name might look like.


  1. hi laura! so glad you had a great mom's day with your family!! you guys always do the best projects...and your kids amaze me with their creative skills!! they both did a SUPER job on their bags!! :)

  2. wow! both of those are super-cool! your girls are sure creative, gee i wonder where they get that???? :)

  3. Love the newspaper bag. Thanks for your comment. Enjoyed looking at your rebound books; I have been thinking of using some of the illustrations to cover the sections which I see you have done.
    Regards, Jackie

  4. how fun to do these projects with your girls!! i particularly like the newspaper bag.

    my favorite thing to do with my grown children is to play trivial pursuit!! a family classic at holidays and birthdays for us.


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