Crafting with Kids

I love creating with my kids. They are not afraid to push the limits of colour and style, and challenge me creatively. This is the project of the week, made by my 12 year old daughter, S. Can you guess what it is without scrolling down?

If you said it's a skirt made from neck ties, you were absolutely correct. S collected old ties from thrift stores with the intent of making a tie skirt. And yes, you could say her tastes are eclectic, and she's definitely expressing her own style.

Her first design idea was to use an old pair of jeans for the waist, but when it was determined that she wanted little more than just the waist from the jeans, that was vetoed by mom as a waste of a good pair of jeans (that her sister can grow into)! A tie was acceptable as an alternate for the waistband.

S chose all the ties--some are silk, some not--and sewed them together by machine, while mom had the unwanted jobs of sewing in the zipper and the waistband! She loves it and has many compliments from her friends.

Now if I could fit into a skirt using only 4 neckties across, I'd make myself one too!


  1. that is SUPER cool, especially with the tights! good work both of you!

  2. this is the most creative thing i've seen in a very long time!! please tell S. that she rocks!! (and so do you for handling the zipper and waistband!). :)

  3. cool skirts, I have always wanted to make one of these! Love it!

    1. Thanks for stopping by ourchildrensearth! Looks like you've made some cool items for the team challenge already.


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