Bound and Lettered

Beautiful hand lettering seems to be so uncommon these days, with people resorting instead to the infinite choice of computer fonts and choosing speed over the human touch in their projects. I too am guilty of this, but I am also one of those rare individuals who, at times, enjoys hand lettering with a pen dipped in ink. My local calligraphers' guild can attest to the fact that people like me are few, as membership and participation declines each year.

To buck this trend and to bring Calligraphy back into the spotlight, I've been working on a new Calligraphy series for my Etsy shop. Unfortunately I take no credit for the beautiful lettering on the pages I've recycled for these items. I found this unwanted "Calligraphy for the Beginner" book by Tom Gourdie at my local thrift shop. The Calligraphy exemplars were so beautiful, I wanted to put them on the covers of these new journals and use them for new envelopes.

Hopefully more eyes and hands will be inspired when they see the lovely lettering.


  1. what a cool idea- those would be totally inspiring to write in!

  2. Hi Laura--you're on the Etsy front page! Wooohooo! It's one picked by admin, "found browsing through categories." Congrats! :D

  3. These are so fabulous! You're a superstar, nicey!

  4. I for one am glad that you like hand lettering. I think there is too much "getting it done quick." Slowing down and taking pride in hand work should be resurrected. Quilters are notorious for "getting it done quick" these days with machine quilting taking over. A hand quilted quilt is so much nicer looking and so much fun to do.

  5. love, love, love it! these calligraphy pages are perfect book covers!! great idea making envelopes out of the pages, too! :)


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