Signs of Spring

Spring comes a little later to Manitoba than for our friends in the south, but it does come! Really. It does. We've had a few days with the temperature well above 0°C and puddles are everywhere! I went for a walk this afternoon through my neighborhood and saw many signs of spring:

Patches of grass showing through the snow....

No more outdoor ice hockey this season....

Snowmen are saying farewell.....

But some things are still waiting....

Hope you are enjoying spring where you are! What are the signs of spring where you live?


  1. I'd say wet boots! the walking is terrible out there. I'm hoping for better traction after a few days of this melting.

  2. poor little snowman! he'll be back next winter! we are in the midst of spring here...our azaleas are blooming and there's yellow pine pollen swirling around in the air! :)


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