Mystery Solved

I was looking at the Craftcult site today, and noticed the number of people marking my shop as a favourite really jumped overnight, but I couldn't figure out why. It was my good fortune to be featured in two treasuries on Etsy yesterday (this one and this one), and one new one today, plus I curated one of my own--but none of these made it to the Front Page of Etsy (yet!) ;-) where you get loads of views. So on a whim, I decided to look through the Flickr group that posts Etsy front pages, and lo and behold I found a treasury that was picked by Admin, with one of my rebound journals. Because it was picked by Admin for the Front Page, it didn't get listed on the Treasury list. It was on the Front page overnight, but thanks to Flickr, I was able to find out about it.


  1. WOO HOO!! you go, laura!! your books are fabulous...they absolutely should be on the etsy front page all the time!! congrats! :)


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