Fun with Dick and Jane

Have you ever had one of those moments where you were taken back to your childhood, and you could remember special moments in time? I was thrilled when I found an old Dick and Jane school reader at my local thrift store recently, and it took me back to my days learning to read. Were you aware there were also lesson plans for teachers at the back of the books? Each 4 page chapter could also be used to introduce concepts in health, safety and development. Who knew?

These books have some sentimental value, but reading it now, I am so grateful for the variety and quality of books available to my kids in school. How many times can you read "see spot run" without getting just a little bored? Now in its new form as part of my Rebound Journal series, one day there will be more interesting things to read about between the covers.


  1. oh, yes...this definitely brings back memories of sitting in my mom's lap at night reading to her. and, i'm sure she also got tired of hearing "see spot run" over and over again!! i love this idea of repurposing the covers for a more modern version of "happy days with our friends"! :)


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