Edible Books

My 9 year old daughter C and I had some fun this evening creating "edible books" for the 2009 Edible Books Festival. Her mini book above, "Tiny Bites", was made with fruit roll-up covers and bubble gum pages.

Here's my representation of Rohinton Mistry's "Such a Long Journey" made from a bubble gum roll and food colouring marker--and no you can't eat the playmobil character. I love events like this that remind us not to take things too seriously.

For more information on this event held each year on April 1 and to see more entries, check out this and this.

Editor's note: C won in the children's category for her "Tiny Bites" book! To see all the winners, go here.


  1. what an adorably "sweet" activity! and yes we all do need to partake in more frivolous un-serious activities. me? i've been trying to get a good photo of the itty bitty black ants that occasionally stroll across the top of my computer desk. they're looking for cookie crumbs, i'm sure!

  2. very fun and tasty. wouldn't your journal with the fruity ladies also qualify as an edible book? metaphorically, of course.

  3. yummy, yummy! now that's a delicious book!

  4. i love the whimsical nature of both of your projects! i agree...life is way to serious at times! and, i especially think it's great that your sweet daughter helped you with these! so much fun!! :)


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