Beyond Words

Three very talented book artists currently have an exhibition titled "Beyond Words" at the McGarry Guild Gallery within St. John’s-Ravenscourt School in Winnipeg. This lovely little gallery is packed with quite a variety of beautiful books and book art by local artists Janet Carroll, Deb Danelley, and Ann Stinner.

The gallery is walled on 2 sides by sliding glass doors and the students were just being dismissed when I was there, so the halls around the gallery were bustling. I felt a little conspicuous taking out my camera, but snuck a few photos during calm moments (and wished for many more). You will have to attend the exhibition in person to see the other wonderful pieces not shown here. The following images are posted with permission of the artists.

I love the rainbow coloured vellum against the St. Armand paper in this vellum strap binding by Janet Carroll in this Untitled Strap Binding.

The paper cutouts in some thoughts from e.e. cummings by Ann Stinner were so lively and entrancing.

This piece is called
Resurgence by Deb Danelley. The pages in the little altered book in the cage are open to a quote by P. Brown: "Quieten your mind and close your eyes. Be still. Feel the sun upon your face. Hear the shrill of bird song. Rejoice in your senses. Rejoice in life."

It's Time by Deb Danelley reflects on celebrating family and the time parents must face the empty nest.

The show runs until March 26 during school hours (9-4) and is definitely worth seeing!


  1. this looks like a beautiful exhibit! sure wish i were close enough to go see it with you...and maybe grab some lunch, too! :)


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