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Among other things, I am a stitcher and a thrifter, and I am trying to be more globally aware, including how my relatively wealthy lifestyle is in such contrast to the majority of this world's citizens. In what ways can we change how we live so that fewer in the world suffer so much? When I recently heard about the Darfur Project--Eclectic Bags, it really spoke to my heart and soul.

This project was begun by Joyce sometime in the Spring of 2008. Joyce notes that "God gave me a passion to create bags and send the proceeds to provide food and shelter aid to the peoples of Darfur, Sudan". I'm not sure where Joyce finds the time to design, sew, photograph and sell the bags to post on her blog, being a "full-time family daycare operater, mother of four children, and keeper of the grounds" as well.

Joyce combines her passion for thrifting with her passion to create with needle and thread. She transforms reclaimed and donated fabrics from clothing, linens, quilts, upholstery, and even neckties with an abundance of history and tales of their own, into bags that have travelled around the world. All the proceeds from her sales are intended for food aid to people in camps in Darfur, Sudan via the United Nations World Food Programme.

She does not take orders, but posts her wonderful creations on her blog as they are made. Some bags are retro or vintage inspired, and Africa Wednesdays are pretty cool. If you are interested in purchasing a bag and supporting the project, you simply bid by making a comment on the blog within the specified time frame.

By becoming involved in this project, you can feel good about keeping beautiful usable materials from landfills while assisting the people in Darfur through the United Nations World Food Programme.


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  2. (sorry) bit of a slow learner, this one.

    Great job! i love the way the grouping of photos came out.

    Thanks so much for your support, kind words, and brilliat blog post.

  3. Brilliat?
    Will I learn to proof read, EVER?


  4. what a wonderful, worthwhile project! and the bags are fabulous! thanks for sharing this with us! :)


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