New Journals!

Playful. Joyous. Freeing. That's what I'd like this journal to convey. I love the image of the children on this cover. This book is part of my Rebound Journals series, using covers of vintage books to make a new book with a new life! This journal is lined with the same paper that I covered this journal with.

I'm slowly restocking my shop with more travel journals. I can't believe I was completely sold out for a short time. They have been by far my most popular item--I have a lot of fun making them and am happy to do custom orders! This one is showing global connections in communications and travel.

We're slowly coming out of the deep freeze here in Manitoba. Instead of a -46°C windchill, today it was only -37°C with the windchill! Amazingly, the forecast is that it will be above 0° on the weekend. Is it possible for the temperature to range more than 30°C within a few days?


  1. i love your new journals, laura. they're fabulous! and would you guess that the one with that sweet button is my favorite? :)

    stay warm, drink cocoa, and bake lots of cookies!

  2. Wasn't it lovely here in Mb over the weekend.

    The journals are great!


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